When thinking about Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, popular consumer services like Vonage, Skype and Google Voice come to mind. A lot of the businesses today have stop using their landline telephone systems and switched to services commonly known as Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol, Hosted Private Branch Exchange, Internet Protocol Centrex and Virtual Private Branch Exchange from business voice over internet protocol providers. Although, adding voice over IP to older telephone systems is gaining popularity through Session Initiation Protocol, more commonly knowns as SIP Trunking.

SIP trunking is not only for newer telephone systems that accept is directly but also for older telephone systems. To add SIP trunking to older systems, one can use an integration box to integrate it. Listed below are a few benefits of SIP trunking that any telephone system, new or old, can take advantage of:

  1. DID, short for Direct Inward Dial, is a telephone number that can ring directly to a department or a desk phone. This number can a private number or a public one that can be published on business cards, the internet and or directories. But to integrate DID in older telephone systems, expensive circuits or phone lines are required. On the other hand, newer telephone systems can support DID with the help of Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuits. PRIs can be an efficient way of taking advantage of DID but they can also be costly if use for 20 or less telephones. SIP trunks can provide DIDs economically for very small phone systems.
  2. Back-Up Circuits – For companies that experience heavy traffic in the form of high call volume or are in dire need of a telephone system at all times can deploy SIP trunks as back-up. SIP trunks are an affordable alternative to other back-up options.
  3. Disaster Recovery – Moreover, SIP trunk providers work through ‘soft’ switches that are comparatively more flexible then the large hardware central switches of large telephone companies. Not only do they provide a diverse cable route for the business but also SIP trunks can re-route calls to other telephone numbers including cell phones. Not only this but they can also process calls through automated attendants and voicemail at their point of presence.
  4. Unlimited Long Distance – SIP trunk providers provide a wide number of price packages according to different level businesses and requirements. It is easy to find a package that meets your businesses requirements. A lot of the packages present in the market provide unlimited domestic calls within the Continental United States. SIP trunks are a great means for outbound long distance calls as they turn long distance phone bills into flat monthly rates.
  5. Quickly Re-configure Services to Meet Changing Needs – The ‘soft’ concept of SIP trunks permit’s them to be extremely flexible and meet a changing customer’s needs. They can add or subtract features instantaneously and can also redirect call paths within the hours, in fact all of this is possible without the use of an on-site service technician.

SIP trunk are a valuable addition to any business whether operating on a newer phone system or an old one. These adapt quickly, reduce cost and provide features that are not available through standard telephone line services.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, also more commonly known as VoIP, is a phone service that can be a novel and stimulating skill for many people, but at the same time it can be a daunting and menacing undertaking for many others. A voice over internet phone service can present an array of challenges and issues that one may not be ready and equipped to deal with without learning a whole lot more about all the processes involved in voice over internet protocol.

However, there are many simple and easy ways to learn about the voice over internet protocol system. The quickest way is to do a simple internet search and an array of guides and tutorials will show up or one can opt for the more personal experience by calling a local phone company and talking to their customer service representative, clearing all the doubts and questions they have.

Finding the right voice over internet protocol service provider in your area can be easy especially now that voice over internet protocol phone system technology has a high amount of influence in the market. Most of the people today are getting tired of their conventional hardline telephone services and are more willing to switch to an option that makes calling cheaper and more convenient. However, whether voice over internet protocol phone service technology is the answer to this question or not is still up for debate, but seeing the current trends and results more and more people are willing to give voice over internet protocol phone service its fair chance in proving itself.

Voice over internet protocol has a few variety of names by which it is recognized. The most commonly used name for this is the one we’ve being using till now, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) but others include and are not limited to IP Telephony, Internet Telephony, Broadband Telephone, Broadband Phone and another popular one, Voice Over Broadband. Although do keep in mind that essentially all of these names refer to the same basic element of the voice over internet protocol – routing voice conversations over the internet or through any other internet protocol based network.

A voice over internet protocol provider uses a protocol, which is a term that means a set of standards that govern communications, to allow their users the ability to make calls through their networks. Voice over internet protocol systems thus allow users to make phone calls through networks like the internet to anywhere in the world at low cost.

The reason why voice over internet protocol is so cheap is because it uses a single network to make all the calls. Most of the providers have networks previously in place because of their ordinary hardline telephone service, so connecting to voice over internet protocol cost almost little to nothing at all.

Voice over internet protocol phone system is almost like having free money in the bank for most voice over internet service provider. They provide the possibility of calling for free from one voice over internet protocol user to another, enabling long distance calls with a lot less rates and even a lot less hassle for the average dialer consumer.

The world is changing and VOIP phone technology is fast becoming a leader in bringing people closer together without the cost of traditional long-distance telephone systems.